fredag den 4. april 2014

Polish Fairy!

On Facebook I joined in on this cool Santa-exchange. Except it is not exactly Christmas, so we ended up just calling it Polish fairies in stead of Santas.

I got my package the other day and at first I didn't get what I could have gotten from Norway, but when I opened it, I saw the card, where my fairy had written my a little note.
As we had written a like/dislike-list, these polishes are spot on.

There were five polishes in the box, a cute pendant for a necklace made with nail polish, a lot of studs and candy. The five polishes are:

This brand I actually do not know, but I really like the polish. It is a magenta base with lots of holographic glitter. It is really pretty, and applies a bit sheer, so I will probably be using it over a creme or in a jelly sandwich. tIt reminds me a bit of Teenage Dream, just with a darker base.

New York Summer - Hot purple
A  dark lilac color. It is impossible to catch the real color in a photo, but here is a bottle shot anyways. It looks really dark in the bottle, but it applies like a jelly, so I am looking forward to seeing how it looks on the nail.

Illamasqua - Faux Pas
Also a pretty lilac. It is lighter than the other one, and according to the googling I have done, it has a "rubbery" finish, which I am looking forward to trying.
It is also my first Illamasqua, so that is pretty neat. I've had my eyes on some before, but never actually gotten around to buying them.

Lavshuca - PK-5
Here is another glittery polish. It has a pink base and silver glitters in different sizes. It looks really pretty in the bottle, so I expect it to look pretty on the nail as well. I will probably wait till I get a peel off base to try it.

TL Design - Bolivia
A greenish grey with lots of glitter. There is a lot of shimmer and little square silver glitters. I really like the glittery finish of this one, and I am looking forward to trying it.

Different sizes of studs in different colors. I actually dont use studs that much, because my nails are so curved that big studs end up sticking out too much for it to be fixed with top coat. But there are several here which are small enough for me to use, so I will probably try it out soon.

Here is the little pendant from the box. It was really hard to capture all the colors. My fairy wrote that it is made from "Met on the internet" and "Luxe and lush". It is beautiful and I love the flakie effect with all the colors. I need to find a chain that I can use this with.

All in all I am very happy. It is fun to try something totally new - I love all the new polishes and I am looking forward to trying them all.
It was pretty fun to try this thing with secret polish fairies. I will definitely join again, if the opportunity comes.

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