mandag den 22. august 2016

Stamping plate holder continued

So far I have found a couple of good holders for some of my plates.  Here are the working ones.

The first holder is for the small ones. I found it on Aliexpress, where it was priced around 19 dollars. It works really well and holds 240 plates. It has 20 pages that holds 12 plates each. As shown in the pictures, it holds round plates, square ones, heart-shaped and hexagon plates.

For medium sized ones I found another one on Aliexpress. It was described as being able to hold 16 plates, which I found to be perfect. I ordered two of them, and they worked well. But after some time I got more plates than one of them could hold, so I split both apart and put the pockets from one of them into the other one, so it now holds 32 plates.
At this point I have 3 free pockets, so it has gotten pretty heavy and full, but it still closes.

søndag den 21. august 2016

What is up with OPI's brushes?

During the last year or so I have gotten a lot of OPI polishes with wonky brushes. They are not from one specific vendor or anything, so it's not like they are second hand or set aside for being faulty - at least not what I know of.

I have bought many polishes that had been sold as faulty, but that was only because of scratches on the lid or bottle - they never had anything wrong with the polish or brushes.

I have saved one of the brushes by using a cuticle clipper to snip the wonky or too long hairs, so they didn't mess up my manicure, but that was when I started actually noticing the weird brushes. It has made me check all my OPIs to find the bad ones.

Here are the ones with the bad brushes:

Chiffon My Mind

I Cannoli Wear OPI


Give Me Space

In The Clouds

The Sky's My Limit

In My Back Pocket

This photo is not too clear - it is like the others - splayed at the bottom.

Show Me Your Tips

This is the one, where I snipped off some VERY wonky hairs.

P.S.: Sorry for the weirdly sized photos, I just used the ones showing off the faults.

Stamping plate holder

I have had some trouble finding something to hold all my plates. I started out using different kinds of plastic sleeves in a big folder. It looked like this:

Baseball card sleeves for the small plates; round, hexagon and squares. I put some sort of drawer lining in each pocket, so they wouldn't slide out.

Baseball card sleeves for plates like VividLacquer. They barely fit there.

Baseball card sleeves for big round plates.

Bookmark holder sleeves for oblong plates.

Photo sleeves for big square plates.

These sleeves for oddly sized plates that didn't fit into the other ones.
It worked great for a couple of years, but eventually it was so heavy that I had trouble carrying it - especially if I wanted to find a plate with semi-wet nails. I couldn't carry it with one hand only, so my mani was in danger every time I would pick it up.
And all the sleeves were getting so heavy that they were hanging out from the folder, if I held it vertically.

I weighed it, and it was 6 kg. Maybe I'm weak, but it was too heavy for me to pick up effortlessly.

I just wanted something that worked better than this heavy folder, so I started to scour the internet for holders that would work for me.

More on that tomorrow..