onsdag den 26. marts 2014

More stamping plates!

I might have gotten a bit crazy. I have fallen in love with stamping and since everything takes so long to be delivered, I end up buying more stuff.

On Bornprettystore I found these cheap plates. I know some of them are knock-offs, but I thought I would just try them out to see if they work - the two plates I have from Konad are really bad anyways, so I don't think they are worth the money.

And then I found these on eBay and they are really cute:

The first one is perfect for Halloween, and I love horror and zombies, so I'll probably get some more use out of it than just around halloween.

This one I just had to have, since it's Disney characters and other cartoon stuff. I couldn't not buy it.

mandag den 24. marts 2014

Stamping plates haul!!

A couple of weeks ago Vivid Lacquer announced on her Facebook page that all her stuff was marked down. And since I've been eyeing a lot of her plates, I needed to buy some of them.

After having thought about it for a long time - didn't want to pass the 14 dollar mark that would enable toll fees - I chose these two:

Vivid Lacquer plate 009
I have thought about buying no. 9 for a long time. I really like the hearts and especially like the fact that it has a negative of it as well. Sometimes a motive is so cute you just feel like being able to use it differently than normal. And with this one I am able to.
The top one I think is supposed to look like a spotted top coat - just like the one OPI made once upon a time. Now it is pretty hard to come by and probably also unreasonably expensive. Even though it is possible to make with hairspray and water, I much prefer stamping.I think the middle left one is supposed to look like a water marble, but this one I would prefer doing the right way as there would be the possibility to use different colors.

Vivid Lacquer 018
Plate no. 018 is SO cute. I love all this bird-stuff, and I am looking so much forward to using it. The feather is also crazy cute and I can always use the alphabet. I almost bought it once because I needed to do a design for a party, where I wanted to write something, but I am crazy bad at doing freehand.

And then I ordered some plates from Moyou London. There were so many girls on Facebook that posted cute manicures they had made with these. I had also been eyeing them for quite some time, so all I needed was an excuse. One of the girls posted a code for 20 % off, so I used that.
I tried to keep it civil and not buy too many, but I ended up checking 6 out.

MoYou London Rebel Collection - 02
I love Banksy, so the Rebel plate was obvious - I needed that one for sure, no doubt about it. I especially love the ones with the little girls. And all the others are awesome as well.

MoYou London Back To The 90's - 01
I am from '88, so I'm a 90's kid. I love tetris, I still play it. The only one I don't really care for is the Beverly Hills-one and The Big Lebowski. The first I have never been interested in, the latter is just not funny, so there's that.

MoYou London Kitty Collection -11
As I said with the Vivid Lacquer plate, I have totally fallen for the bird-trend. So I needed more birds for my nails. I love all the tattoos with birds, but I not a permanent ink-type of person, so I will just put them on my nails. I don't really like cats, but luckily there are more cages and birds than cats, so I am happy about that. Really looking forward to getting this one.

MoYou London Explorer Collection - 10
Yet another one with birds! But this one was primarily because of the savannah - it is just SO pretty. As soon as I saw it, I knew I HAD to have it.

MoYou London Pro Collection - 04
.. Surprise! Yet another bird - it is just really pretty. I love the swirly handwritten text - it will look so pretty on plain colors. And the houndstooth one is also great.

MoYou London Princess Collection - 04
The last one I decided to get was one with animals - and because the teddy bear in the lower right corner is waay too cute!
And I love dinosaurs, so I needed T-Rex :)

I guess that is it for now.

Pictures of Vivid Lacquer Plates are from her etsy site.
Pictures of MoYou London Plates are from their site.

fredag den 21. marts 2014

Zoya haul on its way

 As most nail polish lovers I am very fond of Zoya. My first Zoya was Blaze, I was slightly disappointed, but that comes from the fact that the holo wasn't as pronounced as I had read about and therefore expected it to be. I am hoping the summer will make it up for me.

When they had an offer around the start of the year, I had just gotten the news about a friend moving to the US to study for 6 months. So I had a lot of polish shipped to her. I am still waiting for it to be sent.

But the ones I am waiting for are:
Zoya Dahlia

Zoya London

Zoya NYX

Zoya Arabella

Zoya Rue

Zoya Payton

Zoya Dream

Zoya Godiva
And when they wrote about a special offer with a free polish, I bought that as well, so I also have these coming:

Zoya Cosmo

Zoya Lux

Zoya Monet

The ones I am looking most forward to are Dahlia, Payton and Dream. I'm not really a texture lover, but when I had the chance to get 3 for 12 dollars, I needed all those people have have obsessed about the last 6 months.

And I normally have to pay 16 dollars for 1 because of shipping.

So this was a must have offer for me. Not only once, but thrice - my boyfriend and friend helped me get the offer 3 times.

On Reddit I've seen so many getting their polishes so I am anxious to get mine. I've wanted Dahlia for a long, long time :)

All pictures are from Zoya.com

torsdag den 20. marts 2014


Lately I haven't been up to writing anything in here. I've had a couple of exams and it stressed me out to think about writing about polish. I have been wearing it as always and taken pictures, but editing and writing just stresses me out.

But there are so many new exciting collections that I've had an eye on. I have no idea how to afford all the ones I want and at the same time getting all the ones from earlier collections.

Mainly I just really want some of Model's Own's Speckled Eggs right know. I have tried to find them as cheap as possible - the shipping is always really expensive to Denmark. I had two sites where I could get them, and I added them to my basket yesterday but wanted to hear if someone else wanted some of them af well, so I waited till today. And of course 2 of the 3 are sold out now. Bummer - just my luck.

But wanted to buy Swan, Duck and Dove. The pink, purple and blue one. Now I'll just have to wait and see if they'll ever be in stock again.