søndag den 13. april 2014

Stamping plate haul!!

I have gotten a lot of plates since the last time I wrote anything here. They are all pretty and I've used them a couple of times. I've written a bit about them:

The MoYou plates are soooo pretty!

Here they are in the sleeves. I have one plate which I ordered from Amazon, and there was no sleeve with that one. They are really pretty and they protect the plate quite well, but I don't really know if I'll be using them while storing. I use normal plastic sleeves to store them in a binder, but I need to buy some of those that fit 6 of these plates in one. Unfortunately I cannot get them in Denmark, so I have to buy them from eBay.

Princess collection - 04 is pretty. I first fell for the teddybear and rubber duck, but then I noticed all the other cute things. I just needed it.

Pro collection - 04 is also really pretty. Several motives with flowers and the bird. I've already used the bird a couple of times, but I've found out that the motives aren't big enought for my thumb. That's pretty annoying.

Back to the 90's - I love Pac Man - so this was also a must have. Tetris, Mario and gameboys - Yup, I'm a 90's kid.

Explorer collection - 10- This one I had to have because of the savannah, I just really love it.

Rebel collection - 02. I believe most of these are made by Banksy - and I just had to have them for my nails!

Kitty collection . 11. I really don't like cats, so I got it for the birds and the other stuff. I've used it a couple of times now - it stamps great.

And then here are the ones from Vivid Lacquer.

I love these hearts - they are so freakin' pretty. I've already used it, but it the two colors were too close, so it didn't really show up that well.

This one was just really cute with the birds and the script - and then the alphabet is very useful. But I did notice in the first alphabet with the big letters - that there is no x, but just two z's. Pretty funny - I have been eyeing the plate for quite a while, and I've never noticed before. Luckily x is not the letter I use the most, so it's not that bad.

A couple of weeks ago I also got a couple of plates from Messy Mansion. I had bought MM14, and when I had gotten that one, I suddenly received another package two days later. I was very confused, because I had not ordered anything else from Messy Mansion - If I had, I would have done it in one order. Lucky for me, it was a mistake, and it was not the same plate as I had already gotten. And when I wrote them, they said, I could just keep it. It would have been expensive to send to Australia anyways, so I happily obliged.

Here is MM14 - Unfortunately it was a tiny bit bent, but it works just fine. It was a bit hard to get a good picture, so some of it is blurry.

And here is MM12 - I think the chevrons are pretty nice, and I'll probably use them some day.

And then there was a sale on this plate from Rica. I had already been looking at it and thought about bying it, but the reduced price did it. I love the Monroe-one and I think I'll do a Warhol-design some day.

And last but not least are the ones from BornPrettyStore - They have cheap plates, so I thought I would try it out. I bought these four:

I love cherry blossoms, so I thought I would just try this one out, since it was also cheap. A rip off of Konad, but it was cheap, so I'd try it out.

I have always liked the hearts on those straws, so I bought it even though it is a knock off of Konad.

This one I bought because they are all pretty cute and it was cheap.

This one I bought primarily because of Easter. The little chicken-bird-thingie is pretty cute and I could probably use the bows someday.

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