lørdag den 26. april 2014

Stash increased by 500 %

I started my "real" journey into the polish world a little over a year ago, and my stash has increased A LOT since then. Some time ago I found an old picture from when I had just gotten my first batch of swatch sticks.
It looks like this:

Here are the polishes I had back then. It is from the 28th of March 2013. That was all I used back then - Mostly black - Gosh Nero - which I had a couple of bottles of just to make sure I didn't run out. I think I had used up 3 or 4 of them back then - which says a lot, since I've not used up a single one of my other polishes yet.
I had "a lot" of pinks, because I tried to find the perfect neon pink. I never found it, but I did get my hands on Essie Pink Parka, which I found to be really horrible. It was the reason for me to ban Essie from then on. I have opened up to a few of them since, but only because they were on sale and so many people swear on them.

And this was also before I knew of anything called top or base coat. And my nails would constantly break back then. I have a nail that is permanently damaged and therefore a brittle, which was always short. For years I had tried to make it grow to look nice just as the other nails but to no avail. So most of the time I would just be mad at that one nail and let all the others be long, because they could!

It all started when I saw this one polish from OPI. I was in love and HAD to find it somewhere. I searched all over and apparently it had been discontinued. I eventually found it on eBay, where I bought it. It is no. 9 on the picture - Teenage Dream. I still love it and have bought myself a backup since it has increased a lot in price since then

Next I found RedditLaqueristas on Reddit, which drew me into this deep black hole of neverending lemmings. And this is where it has brought me a year later - on the 28th of March 2014:

Oops! And now I am also obsessed with stamping plates - I'm pretty sure, I'll go broke some day.

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