lørdag den 26. april 2014

Second bird mani

Since I wasn't really happy with my last mani with the birds, I tried again a week or so after.

I wanted to do a sky in the background, so I used a light blue and a white to make a gradient. Both were from Sinful Colors, the blue Morning Star and the white Snow White. They applied great - I love Morning Star, but it is starting to get a bit thick, so I'll probably thin it out the next time I use it.

I used almost the same motives as the last time to do the mani.

Here is my left hand:

I think it turned out much better than the last one, and I was actually pretty proud of this one. My boyfriend thought it was really cool, which was nice. Usually he doesn't really pay attention to my nails - he thinks it is a bit silly to use so much time only to change it 3-4 days later.

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