søndag den 27. april 2014

Speckled Eggs and a horrible mess

About a month ago I got the three Models Own polishes I'd been wanting ever since seeing them for the first time. I was so happy! I got two of them on Boots since the last one was sold out, and then I got the last one from Asos when they first started selling them there. Here they are - All are pretty pastels with black glitters in two sizes.

Models Own - Swan, Dove and Duck
When I lined them up to take photos, I noticed the crooked lids. Swan and Dove both have crooked lids which I found odd. I tried to screw them off and on a couple of times, but nothing worked, so I guess that's just how they are made.

Here is a plain manicure with Duck which I wore about 4 or 5 days - It still looks great and I had no problems with chipping. Here are 3 coats with a layer of Poshé. It had a really long drying time even with top coat. I could still see tiny dents after 2 hours. They would even out, but I had to be careful so it wouldn't smudge. That was really disappointing. And then the application was a mess! I've written a bit about it after the mani picture.

I actually started with Swan. When I put it on one night, I was sick and home alone, so I was just laying on the couch watching Netflix. I took my time and let the polish dry before doing anything. After having washed my hands, I of course dried them. This is what happened:

I had let them dry for 3 hours and they seemed fine, but they just weren't dry underneath it all. Man, I was mad. I had been fighting with a bad formula and horrible application, so I was mad that I had wasted so much time on this, when most of the nails were ruined.

About the horrible formula, here is what the polish looked like after the second coat. It started being stringey and goopey, which gave a horrible application. It was so thick and almost impossible to put on. I thought it was just Swan that was horrible, so when I tried Duck the next day, I was really dissapointed. And that's when I decided to take a couple of photos of it.

It's a bit hard to see in this photo, but there is a tiny string hanging from the brush. And look at the bottle neck - it looks horrible! I might be a little slow putting on the polish, but I've never tried this before. And it had never been used before!

Here is just a final photo of the same problem. Here the stringey "effect" is very obvious, and the goopey neck is also very easy to see here. I have kind of given up on these for now. Also I think they are very Eastery, so I'll probably just put in the drawer to shame them till next year.

lørdag den 26. april 2014

Stash increased by 500 %

I started my "real" journey into the polish world a little over a year ago, and my stash has increased A LOT since then. Some time ago I found an old picture from when I had just gotten my first batch of swatch sticks.
It looks like this:

Here are the polishes I had back then. It is from the 28th of March 2013. That was all I used back then - Mostly black - Gosh Nero - which I had a couple of bottles of just to make sure I didn't run out. I think I had used up 3 or 4 of them back then - which says a lot, since I've not used up a single one of my other polishes yet.
I had "a lot" of pinks, because I tried to find the perfect neon pink. I never found it, but I did get my hands on Essie Pink Parka, which I found to be really horrible. It was the reason for me to ban Essie from then on. I have opened up to a few of them since, but only because they were on sale and so many people swear on them.

And this was also before I knew of anything called top or base coat. And my nails would constantly break back then. I have a nail that is permanently damaged and therefore a brittle, which was always short. For years I had tried to make it grow to look nice just as the other nails but to no avail. So most of the time I would just be mad at that one nail and let all the others be long, because they could!

It all started when I saw this one polish from OPI. I was in love and HAD to find it somewhere. I searched all over and apparently it had been discontinued. I eventually found it on eBay, where I bought it. It is no. 9 on the picture - Teenage Dream. I still love it and have bought myself a backup since it has increased a lot in price since then

Next I found RedditLaqueristas on Reddit, which drew me into this deep black hole of neverending lemmings. And this is where it has brought me a year later - on the 28th of March 2014:

Oops! And now I am also obsessed with stamping plates - I'm pretty sure, I'll go broke some day.

Second bird mani

Since I wasn't really happy with my last mani with the birds, I tried again a week or so after.

I wanted to do a sky in the background, so I used a light blue and a white to make a gradient. Both were from Sinful Colors, the blue Morning Star and the white Snow White. They applied great - I love Morning Star, but it is starting to get a bit thick, so I'll probably thin it out the next time I use it.

I used almost the same motives as the last time to do the mani.

Here is my left hand:

I think it turned out much better than the last one, and I was actually pretty proud of this one. My boyfriend thought it was really cool, which was nice. Usually he doesn't really pay attention to my nails - he thinks it is a bit silly to use so much time only to change it 3-4 days later.

mandag den 14. april 2014

Birdies on the nails

Yesterday I wrote about my stamping plate haul. I got them over a couple weeks, so I've used a couple of them already.

I wanted to do a bird-manicure, so I started out by using OPI My boyfriend scales walls, which was horrible to apply. If not for the fact that I had already used so much time to apply basecoat and did not have time to start all over, I would have used another white polish for the base.

Then I used MM14 for two of my nails, MoYou Explorer - 10, Pro - 4 and Kitty - 11 for the other birds.

And this is how it turned out. I wasn't really happy with the contrast - I normally don't use white as a base, so it was a bit too much for me.

Here is my right hand - the clean up isn't that great, but for once my right hand was okay, so I just decided to show it anyways.

 Here is my left hand - the thumb didn't really work out, it is a bit crooked, but it was okay.

søndag den 13. april 2014

Stamping plate haul!!

I have gotten a lot of plates since the last time I wrote anything here. They are all pretty and I've used them a couple of times. I've written a bit about them:

The MoYou plates are soooo pretty!

Here they are in the sleeves. I have one plate which I ordered from Amazon, and there was no sleeve with that one. They are really pretty and they protect the plate quite well, but I don't really know if I'll be using them while storing. I use normal plastic sleeves to store them in a binder, but I need to buy some of those that fit 6 of these plates in one. Unfortunately I cannot get them in Denmark, so I have to buy them from eBay.

Princess collection - 04 is pretty. I first fell for the teddybear and rubber duck, but then I noticed all the other cute things. I just needed it.

Pro collection - 04 is also really pretty. Several motives with flowers and the bird. I've already used the bird a couple of times, but I've found out that the motives aren't big enought for my thumb. That's pretty annoying.

Back to the 90's - I love Pac Man - so this was also a must have. Tetris, Mario and gameboys - Yup, I'm a 90's kid.

Explorer collection - 10- This one I had to have because of the savannah, I just really love it.

Rebel collection - 02. I believe most of these are made by Banksy - and I just had to have them for my nails!

Kitty collection . 11. I really don't like cats, so I got it for the birds and the other stuff. I've used it a couple of times now - it stamps great.

And then here are the ones from Vivid Lacquer.

I love these hearts - they are so freakin' pretty. I've already used it, but it the two colors were too close, so it didn't really show up that well.

This one was just really cute with the birds and the script - and then the alphabet is very useful. But I did notice in the first alphabet with the big letters - that there is no x, but just two z's. Pretty funny - I have been eyeing the plate for quite a while, and I've never noticed before. Luckily x is not the letter I use the most, so it's not that bad.

A couple of weeks ago I also got a couple of plates from Messy Mansion. I had bought MM14, and when I had gotten that one, I suddenly received another package two days later. I was very confused, because I had not ordered anything else from Messy Mansion - If I had, I would have done it in one order. Lucky for me, it was a mistake, and it was not the same plate as I had already gotten. And when I wrote them, they said, I could just keep it. It would have been expensive to send to Australia anyways, so I happily obliged.

Here is MM14 - Unfortunately it was a tiny bit bent, but it works just fine. It was a bit hard to get a good picture, so some of it is blurry.

And here is MM12 - I think the chevrons are pretty nice, and I'll probably use them some day.

And then there was a sale on this plate from Rica. I had already been looking at it and thought about bying it, but the reduced price did it. I love the Monroe-one and I think I'll do a Warhol-design some day.

And last but not least are the ones from BornPrettyStore - They have cheap plates, so I thought I would try it out. I bought these four:

I love cherry blossoms, so I thought I would just try this one out, since it was also cheap. A rip off of Konad, but it was cheap, so I'd try it out.

I have always liked the hearts on those straws, so I bought it even though it is a knock off of Konad.

This one I bought because they are all pretty cute and it was cheap.

This one I bought primarily because of Easter. The little chicken-bird-thingie is pretty cute and I could probably use the bows someday.

fredag den 4. april 2014

Polish Fairy!

On Facebook I joined in on this cool Santa-exchange. Except it is not exactly Christmas, so we ended up just calling it Polish fairies in stead of Santas.

I got my package the other day and at first I didn't get what I could have gotten from Norway, but when I opened it, I saw the card, where my fairy had written my a little note.
As we had written a like/dislike-list, these polishes are spot on.

There were five polishes in the box, a cute pendant for a necklace made with nail polish, a lot of studs and candy. The five polishes are:

This brand I actually do not know, but I really like the polish. It is a magenta base with lots of holographic glitter. It is really pretty, and applies a bit sheer, so I will probably be using it over a creme or in a jelly sandwich. tIt reminds me a bit of Teenage Dream, just with a darker base.

New York Summer - Hot purple
A  dark lilac color. It is impossible to catch the real color in a photo, but here is a bottle shot anyways. It looks really dark in the bottle, but it applies like a jelly, so I am looking forward to seeing how it looks on the nail.

Illamasqua - Faux Pas
Also a pretty lilac. It is lighter than the other one, and according to the googling I have done, it has a "rubbery" finish, which I am looking forward to trying.
It is also my first Illamasqua, so that is pretty neat. I've had my eyes on some before, but never actually gotten around to buying them.

Lavshuca - PK-5
Here is another glittery polish. It has a pink base and silver glitters in different sizes. It looks really pretty in the bottle, so I expect it to look pretty on the nail as well. I will probably wait till I get a peel off base to try it.

TL Design - Bolivia
A greenish grey with lots of glitter. There is a lot of shimmer and little square silver glitters. I really like the glittery finish of this one, and I am looking forward to trying it.

Different sizes of studs in different colors. I actually dont use studs that much, because my nails are so curved that big studs end up sticking out too much for it to be fixed with top coat. But there are several here which are small enough for me to use, so I will probably try it out soon.

Here is the little pendant from the box. It was really hard to capture all the colors. My fairy wrote that it is made from "Met on the internet" and "Luxe and lush". It is beautiful and I love the flakie effect with all the colors. I need to find a chain that I can use this with.

All in all I am very happy. It is fun to try something totally new - I love all the new polishes and I am looking forward to trying them all.
It was pretty fun to try this thing with secret polish fairies. I will definitely join again, if the opportunity comes.