mandag den 14. april 2014

Birdies on the nails

Yesterday I wrote about my stamping plate haul. I got them over a couple weeks, so I've used a couple of them already.

I wanted to do a bird-manicure, so I started out by using OPI My boyfriend scales walls, which was horrible to apply. If not for the fact that I had already used so much time to apply basecoat and did not have time to start all over, I would have used another white polish for the base.

Then I used MM14 for two of my nails, MoYou Explorer - 10, Pro - 4 and Kitty - 11 for the other birds.

And this is how it turned out. I wasn't really happy with the contrast - I normally don't use white as a base, so it was a bit too much for me.

Here is my right hand - the clean up isn't that great, but for once my right hand was okay, so I just decided to show it anyways.

 Here is my left hand - the thumb didn't really work out, it is a bit crooked, but it was okay.

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