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Speckled Eggs and a horrible mess

About a month ago I got the three Models Own polishes I'd been wanting ever since seeing them for the first time. I was so happy! I got two of them on Boots since the last one was sold out, and then I got the last one from Asos when they first started selling them there. Here they are - All are pretty pastels with black glitters in two sizes.

Models Own - Swan, Dove and Duck
When I lined them up to take photos, I noticed the crooked lids. Swan and Dove both have crooked lids which I found odd. I tried to screw them off and on a couple of times, but nothing worked, so I guess that's just how they are made.

Here is a plain manicure with Duck which I wore about 4 or 5 days - It still looks great and I had no problems with chipping. Here are 3 coats with a layer of Poshé. It had a really long drying time even with top coat. I could still see tiny dents after 2 hours. They would even out, but I had to be careful so it wouldn't smudge. That was really disappointing. And then the application was a mess! I've written a bit about it after the mani picture.

I actually started with Swan. When I put it on one night, I was sick and home alone, so I was just laying on the couch watching Netflix. I took my time and let the polish dry before doing anything. After having washed my hands, I of course dried them. This is what happened:

I had let them dry for 3 hours and they seemed fine, but they just weren't dry underneath it all. Man, I was mad. I had been fighting with a bad formula and horrible application, so I was mad that I had wasted so much time on this, when most of the nails were ruined.

About the horrible formula, here is what the polish looked like after the second coat. It started being stringey and goopey, which gave a horrible application. It was so thick and almost impossible to put on. I thought it was just Swan that was horrible, so when I tried Duck the next day, I was really dissapointed. And that's when I decided to take a couple of photos of it.

It's a bit hard to see in this photo, but there is a tiny string hanging from the brush. And look at the bottle neck - it looks horrible! I might be a little slow putting on the polish, but I've never tried this before. And it had never been used before!

Here is just a final photo of the same problem. Here the stringey "effect" is very obvious, and the goopey neck is also very easy to see here. I have kind of given up on these for now. Also I think they are very Eastery, so I'll probably just put in the drawer to shame them till next year.

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