torsdag den 20. marts 2014


Lately I haven't been up to writing anything in here. I've had a couple of exams and it stressed me out to think about writing about polish. I have been wearing it as always and taken pictures, but editing and writing just stresses me out.

But there are so many new exciting collections that I've had an eye on. I have no idea how to afford all the ones I want and at the same time getting all the ones from earlier collections.

Mainly I just really want some of Model's Own's Speckled Eggs right know. I have tried to find them as cheap as possible - the shipping is always really expensive to Denmark. I had two sites where I could get them, and I added them to my basket yesterday but wanted to hear if someone else wanted some of them af well, so I waited till today. And of course 2 of the 3 are sold out now. Bummer - just my luck.

But wanted to buy Swan, Duck and Dove. The pink, purple and blue one. Now I'll just have to wait and see if they'll ever be in stock again.

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