mandag den 24. marts 2014

Stamping plates haul!!

A couple of weeks ago Vivid Lacquer announced on her Facebook page that all her stuff was marked down. And since I've been eyeing a lot of her plates, I needed to buy some of them.

After having thought about it for a long time - didn't want to pass the 14 dollar mark that would enable toll fees - I chose these two:

Vivid Lacquer plate 009
I have thought about buying no. 9 for a long time. I really like the hearts and especially like the fact that it has a negative of it as well. Sometimes a motive is so cute you just feel like being able to use it differently than normal. And with this one I am able to.
The top one I think is supposed to look like a spotted top coat - just like the one OPI made once upon a time. Now it is pretty hard to come by and probably also unreasonably expensive. Even though it is possible to make with hairspray and water, I much prefer stamping.I think the middle left one is supposed to look like a water marble, but this one I would prefer doing the right way as there would be the possibility to use different colors.

Vivid Lacquer 018
Plate no. 018 is SO cute. I love all this bird-stuff, and I am looking so much forward to using it. The feather is also crazy cute and I can always use the alphabet. I almost bought it once because I needed to do a design for a party, where I wanted to write something, but I am crazy bad at doing freehand.

And then I ordered some plates from Moyou London. There were so many girls on Facebook that posted cute manicures they had made with these. I had also been eyeing them for quite some time, so all I needed was an excuse. One of the girls posted a code for 20 % off, so I used that.
I tried to keep it civil and not buy too many, but I ended up checking 6 out.

MoYou London Rebel Collection - 02
I love Banksy, so the Rebel plate was obvious - I needed that one for sure, no doubt about it. I especially love the ones with the little girls. And all the others are awesome as well.

MoYou London Back To The 90's - 01
I am from '88, so I'm a 90's kid. I love tetris, I still play it. The only one I don't really care for is the Beverly Hills-one and The Big Lebowski. The first I have never been interested in, the latter is just not funny, so there's that.

MoYou London Kitty Collection -11
As I said with the Vivid Lacquer plate, I have totally fallen for the bird-trend. So I needed more birds for my nails. I love all the tattoos with birds, but I not a permanent ink-type of person, so I will just put them on my nails. I don't really like cats, but luckily there are more cages and birds than cats, so I am happy about that. Really looking forward to getting this one.

MoYou London Explorer Collection - 10
Yet another one with birds! But this one was primarily because of the savannah - it is just SO pretty. As soon as I saw it, I knew I HAD to have it.

MoYou London Pro Collection - 04
.. Surprise! Yet another bird - it is just really pretty. I love the swirly handwritten text - it will look so pretty on plain colors. And the houndstooth one is also great.

MoYou London Princess Collection - 04
The last one I decided to get was one with animals - and because the teddy bear in the lower right corner is waay too cute!
And I love dinosaurs, so I needed T-Rex :)

I guess that is it for now.

Pictures of Vivid Lacquer Plates are from her etsy site.
Pictures of MoYou London Plates are from their site.

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