fredag den 21. marts 2014

Zoya haul on its way

 As most nail polish lovers I am very fond of Zoya. My first Zoya was Blaze, I was slightly disappointed, but that comes from the fact that the holo wasn't as pronounced as I had read about and therefore expected it to be. I am hoping the summer will make it up for me.

When they had an offer around the start of the year, I had just gotten the news about a friend moving to the US to study for 6 months. So I had a lot of polish shipped to her. I am still waiting for it to be sent.

But the ones I am waiting for are:
Zoya Dahlia

Zoya London

Zoya NYX

Zoya Arabella

Zoya Rue

Zoya Payton

Zoya Dream

Zoya Godiva
And when they wrote about a special offer with a free polish, I bought that as well, so I also have these coming:

Zoya Cosmo

Zoya Lux

Zoya Monet

The ones I am looking most forward to are Dahlia, Payton and Dream. I'm not really a texture lover, but when I had the chance to get 3 for 12 dollars, I needed all those people have have obsessed about the last 6 months.

And I normally have to pay 16 dollars for 1 because of shipping.

So this was a must have offer for me. Not only once, but thrice - my boyfriend and friend helped me get the offer 3 times.

On Reddit I've seen so many getting their polishes so I am anxious to get mine. I've wanted Dahlia for a long, long time :)

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