tirsdag den 28. januar 2014

Great nail mail

In my last post I ended by saying I recieved a great package in the mail. And I sure did.

For a long time my biggest lemming had been Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces. I had seen it on Llarowe's front page and saved the picture without even knowing anything about the polish. I just kinda assumed it would be easy to get my hands on, but boy was I wrong.
When I came to realize just how few places actually carry the brand, I was so bummed out. I ended up wanting it so bad that I kept checking the different sites every couple of days for about 3 months. I was just about to get so desperate that I was willing to write some girls whom I haven't talked to for years - just because they live in Australia. It would be such a dickish move that I decided to give it some extra time of checking the sites waay too often.

And one day the status on one of the sites showed up positive. I was almost ecstatic, but I wouldn't let myself get too happy till I had checked it out and gotten a confirmation.
As I put it in my cart I decided to put Dark Forces in as well - I kinda love black polishes, so I thought I might as well buy that one. And I succeeded - they were both in stock and I got an order confirmation.

I had a hard time believing it had really gone through, so I was apprehensive about being too happy. It wasn't till it was actually in my mail box I could believe it. 

And they are just as pretty as I thought they would be.


Here they are from the back.

I put on Cosmic Forces right away, but the pictures did not turn out well, so that will have to wait for another time.

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