søndag den 21. august 2016

What is up with OPI's brushes?

During the last year or so I have gotten a lot of OPI polishes with wonky brushes. They are not from one specific vendor or anything, so it's not like they are second hand or set aside for being faulty - at least not what I know of.

I have bought many polishes that had been sold as faulty, but that was only because of scratches on the lid or bottle - they never had anything wrong with the polish or brushes.

I have saved one of the brushes by using a cuticle clipper to snip the wonky or too long hairs, so they didn't mess up my manicure, but that was when I started actually noticing the weird brushes. It has made me check all my OPIs to find the bad ones.

Here are the ones with the bad brushes:

Chiffon My Mind

I Cannoli Wear OPI


Give Me Space

In The Clouds

The Sky's My Limit

In My Back Pocket

This photo is not too clear - it is like the others - splayed at the bottom.

Show Me Your Tips

This is the one, where I snipped off some VERY wonky hairs.

P.S.: Sorry for the weirdly sized photos, I just used the ones showing off the faults.

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