mandag den 22. august 2016

Stamping plate holder continued

So far I have found a couple of good holders for some of my plates.  Here are the working ones.

The first holder is for the small ones. I found it on Aliexpress, where it was priced around 19 dollars. It works really well and holds 240 plates. It has 20 pages that holds 12 plates each. As shown in the pictures, it holds round plates, square ones, heart-shaped and hexagon plates.

For medium sized ones I found another one on Aliexpress. It was described as being able to hold 16 plates, which I found to be perfect. I ordered two of them, and they worked well. But after some time I got more plates than one of them could hold, so I split both apart and put the pockets from one of them into the other one, so it now holds 32 plates.
At this point I have 3 free pockets, so it has gotten pretty heavy and full, but it still closes.

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