søndag den 19. januar 2014

Winter mani

The other day it started snowing a lot, so I got inspired and made it snow on my nails. 

Here is my left hand. Since I am right handed, I made the most challenging design on this hand and made a snow man. Unfortunately it got smudged when I put on Poshe top coat. It was the first time using it. I wanted to try it out, and usually I use Seche, but some people swear on Poshe.

As you might be able to see, my thumb is chipped. It broke when I put on a backpack - so annoying!

Normally I don't take photos of both hands, but since I made a different design on the other hand, I'll show it. I tried to make a tree with snow on it, it didn't really work that well, but here it is.

Here I was just as unfortunate as two nails look bad. One got smudged from putting on Poshe and the one with the tree shrunk pretty bad. And on the photo a little smudge of dirt wanted to get in on it and jumped on my thumb nail. Gahh..

I ended up taking the polish off after 2 days since I got a pretty interesting package in the mail. Much about that in the next post. :)

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