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Color Club Halo Hues 2015 Some swatches and comparisons

Color Club finally made a new Halo Hues collection - a much wanted collection by many. There are seven polishes and they all have a new and special cap with their new logo.

I only bought four of them, since I wasn't really attracted to the others in the collection. I bought Just my luck, Crystal Baller, Date with destiny and What's your sign?.

Since I had trouble finding swatches online, I've taken some pictures to show the polishes.
Three of them looks very similar in both sunshine and normal lighting, but in daylight the difference is much easier to see.

Here they all are in direct light from an LED lamp:
Crystal Baller, Just My Luck, What's Your Sign? and Date With Destiny

Here are some swatches of them; all 2 coats:
Crystal Baller, Just My Luck, What's Your Sign? and Date With Destiny

Here the difference is pretty hard to see.

Now I have some pictures taken in daylight (The pictures are taken on different days because of the weather, so I forgot to put them in the same order):

Just My Luck, What's Your Sign, Date With Destiny and Crystal Baller

In this picture, the difference is very clear:
- Just My Luck has a yellowy-green sheen to it
- What's Your Sign? has a copper-reddish sheen to it
- Date With Destiny has a purple sheen to it

Just My Luck, What's Your Sign? and Date With Destiny

Same three polishes - just laid out to show the difference.

Here is a picture of some of the old Halo Hues - just to compare them to the new ones.

Harp On It, Just My Luck, What's Your Sign?, Cloud Nine and Date With Destiny

Since all three of the new ones look like they are silver, I chose to compare Harp On It with them, but as I found out it wasn't that close in daylight.
I also chose Cloud Nine, because it's a light purple and it's pretty close - except it doesn't have the same kind of shift in the bottle.

Crystal Baller, Over The Moon and Blue Heaven

As seen here Crystal Baller is a different kind of blue - It's darker and much more blue, where the other two look a bit washed out.

At first I was extremely disappointed with the three silvery ones - I thought they were waaay to similar and they didn't look like they were as holographic as the old ones. To me they look much more like duochromes, since they have the shift in daylight. When I made the swatches, I found out that it's important to watch how much polish is on the brush as they tend to streak it there is too much on the brush.
The streakiness is actually why I'm still dissapointed in them - I don't like duochromes because they are so damn streaky, and these are no exception unfortunately. If you are a talented polisher you might be able to avoid streaks.

When I used Date With Destiny for a mani, my left hand looked nice, but the right hand was ridiculous. I wasn't paying enough attention to the application, so the end result was very streaky. It was hard to find out how much polish to wipe off, since it seemed like a very fine line between too little polish and flooding the nail with polish. It also seemed to get more and more gloopy as I applied it to more nails - hence why the fine line between too little and too much polish was harder to accommodate.

Date With Destiny swatch:

Swatches of all of them:

Just My Luck, What's Your Sign?, Date With Destiny and Crystal Baller

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